Michael Rubin
Vital statistics
Position Scientist
Status Deceased- died after a hooded figure- (later revealed to be Australian biologist Russell Haden) broke his neck.
Physical attributes
Height 5 foot

Michael Rubin was a scientist who was stationed at the United States's Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica.

Due to Rubin's disappearance, Marshal Carrie Stetko suspected him to be the prime suspect in the deaths of both Anton Weiss and John Mooney and she sought to talk to him. As such, information concerning Rubin was released onto the Base and as Carrie headed for her office, she got a shock when she learnt that Rubin was in there.

Rubin told her that someone was after him before fleeing, forcing Carrie to give chase. As Rubin got ready to head outside, the same hooded figure that had attacked Carrie emerged from behind Rubin, dragging him outside into the snow.

Once they were outside, the figure sought to kill Rubin with his axe but changed tactics at the last second, calmly approaching the fleeing Rubin before using his own strength to break Rubin's neck, killing Rubin instantly.